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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  May 24, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. did you feel safe going to school? >> no. not once. >> his words are chilling. a gay student describes years of torment at a local high school while the school ignored it. plus, the bed bugs are back. now infesting a local hospital. even worse, they don't have to tell their patients. and local firefighters accused of molesting two young girls. this is 9news now. but first, right now another round of violent and deadly storms is beating down on the mid and southwest. >> tonight at least seven people are reported dead near oklahoma city. this after a twister just ripped through there. at least 60 other people were hurt, including three children who were suffering from critical
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injuries. right now emergency crews in oklahoma desperately searching for a 3-year-old boy who just disappeared after the building he had taken shelter in was wiped out. other crews are just searching through debris looking for survivors. >> a look at where the storm is right now. let's go to topper shutt. >> that storm is actually beginning to move out of oklahoma and, yes, take aims in soothe western missouri. let's go to -- southwestern missouri. let's go to the radar. these are massive storms. we've shown you numerous live tornadoes during the 6:00 and 7:00 broadcast. the red boxes you see are simply tornado watches. and you can really see, this is a monster storm bearing down. it's going to go just to the north of joplin. the bad news is there is another storm to the southeast on 40, a little bit down to the southwest of joplin moving northeast ward. so we're not done with storms even though it's nighttime. storms die down a little bit after will sun goes down. but these have a lot of juice with them. a lot of mechanisms to actually
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perform and actually keep going over the night. all right. we talked about the joplin tornadoes, a multi-vortex tornado. usually we see one funnel cloud or one tornado out of a parent thunderstorm. but sometimes you can get more than one. it will actually rotate around the center funnel cloud or tornado. and it is rather uncommon and it can be extremely dangerous and the damage, as we saw in joplin, can be unbelievable. now we know the tornado in joplin was an ef5, over 200 miles an hour. it's the old scale. to right now an ef5 is anything over 200 miles an hour. two years ago anything over 260 was an ef5. so because of the change in scales, we're going to see a lot more ef5s. we will continue our coverage now with more. back to you guys. >> topper, thank you. the death toll from the twister that hit joplin, missouri, stands at 122 tonight. it's now listed as the 8th
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deadliest single tornado on record in the united states. right now crews are searching for folks that still might be trapped under debris still alive. melissa mick coxt mccoy was in a closet and rode out the storm. >> i shut my eyes and that was it. i just kept screaming please, god. please, god. >> it destroyed more than 200 homes and businesses. a curfew is now in place by 6:00 p.m. police want to eliminate the possibility of looting. president obama plans to travel to joplin this sunday. and this just in, the two police officers accused of pulling a man from his wheelchair and slamming him to the ground are on administrative video tonight. the video went viral. it prompted an internal investigation by police. now, the officers say they were placing the man under arrest for
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drinking in public. as to what led to the man bleeding on the ground, that is still under investigation. the investigation into the police officer's conduct is expected to take 7-10 days. and claim your cash is back on 9 news now. take a look at the bottom of your screen. if you see your name or the name of somebody you know, that means you have money or valuables coming. we have a list of more names coming your way at 11:15. the small community of chancellor in spotsylvania county is rocked by scandal tonight after another allegation of sexual assault. >> yes. now, this is the second one in just a month's time. our ken molestina is live in spotsylvania where county leaders take a look at this one. ken. >> reporter: yes, they are, derek and anita. and this is the second allegation of its kind come out of this volunteer fire department. so now people out here are hoping this isn't a trend and that's why county leaders are getting involved. >> unfortunately we have a small
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number that has put a blemish on the face of the 99% that wants to do 100% or more. >> reporter: mounteding concerns have caught the a -- mounting concerns have caught the attention that a man sexually assaulted a 17-year-old female. they were a member of the same fire department. the sexual assault according to authorities happened inside a department vehicle. >> it was a pretty detailed investigation. search warrants were obtained from computers. there has been a lot of work within the investigation department to get to the point where the gentleman was actually charged. >> reporter: sheriffs officials say this is the second time in a month that a member of the chancellor volunteer fire department is charged with sexual assault. prior to byrd being charged, another member was hit with similar accusations. that's why county administrators c douglas barns is stepping in to keep this from happening again by delivering a strong message to the department's membership. >> if there is problems within
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the organization, they need to collaborate with us so that we can be about providing the best service for our citizens. >> reporter: and earlier tonight, i did speak with a deputy chief of this fire department. he didn't want to go on camera but he did tell me that byrd has offered his letter of resignation. that letter was accepted by the membership. so, therefore, byrd is no longer affiliated with the chancellor volunteer fire department. we're live tonight in spotsylvania, ken molestina, 9news now. well, new at 111, divers from a rescue boat pulled a man from the potomac river this evening. we're told the man was clinging to some kind of bulkhead in the water and he had been injured and we don't know how. washington is in the midst of a bed bug epidemic. that according to the city's department of health. and the most recent manifestation is that is that the united medical center. gary nurenberg reports the institution moved fast to
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prevent an outbreak. >> reporter: united medical center often sees homeless men and women in its psychiatric unit. last week one of them had bed bugs in his clothing. the hospital said it isolated surrounding rooms and found no further evidence of the bugs. >> they're in a state as well as the rest of the country. it's possible for bed bugs to show up noo any public facility. >> reporter: the department of health says he's the head bed bug man for the city. they're working with united medical center and other public health institutions. >> we believe the more people that are trying to detect bed bugs, the quicker we can deal with them and stop them from spreading. >> reporter: although the redness and irritation can be annoying, scientists have been thought bed bugs don't transmitt to humans. a recent study shows msra in humans but not evidence it can transmitt the disease.
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there is no requirement that hospitals even inform the health department that they have bed bugs. the umc did report the incident. should there be a reporting requirement in the city? >> it might create more of a panic that is being reported because it gets in people's psyche and people would just believe they have them even when they don't. >> reporter: well, that reaction is a possibility, of course. but when patients are about to check into a hospital, do they have the right to know that bed bugs are present? with no reporting requirements in dc now, derek, they don't. >> gary nurenberg, we thank you. for a second time now, the dc school system is investigating whether principal pamela ransom has hit a student. now, ransom worked at johnson middle school in southeast and in this latest incident a parent said ransom slammed her daughter against a wall. doctors diagnosed that child with a mild concussion. >> did it stress you out running a whole school. maybe she needed time off. but for you to do what you did
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-- uh-uh. >> the school system says we can expect results by the end of the week. ransom came under scrutiny in march. back then she was accused of hitting another girl but an investigation by dc police cleared ransom of any wrongdoing. that student was expelled from the school. religious leaders are in dc to call for discrimination against bullying against gays and lesbians. >> we share a story about a young man who is speaking publicly for the first time about years of torment inside the public school system. >>. >> reporter: did you feel safe going to school? >> no. not once. i felt terrified for my life. >> reporter: dan webb says his middle and high school years were destroyed by bullies. >> it hurt me so bad emotionally. i would come home crying. like i would get home off the school bus and start bawling my
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eyes out. >> reporter: at west springfield high school, dan says his tormenters slapped and groped him in the locker and room shoved him to the ground, but most of of the daily pain they inflicted didn't leave bruises. >> they would yell faggot. you're gay. why are you so gay. why do you like men. >> reporter: perhaps most devastating of all, no one in the school system would help him. his mother says she met with administrators, counselors and teachers at least 20 times. but the harassment continued. >> i had threats. people telling me i shouldn't be living. i shouldn't be at this school. i don't belong. >> reporter: when she offered dan a transfer, he says it was for a slot in special education classes in another school. his family declined. and he considered suicide. >> i don't think i could get any lower than i got. what should have been the best time of my life was the absolute worst. >> reporter: with the support of his family, dan got help. today he is 20 years old and
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slowly reassembling the pieces of a life shattered by bullying. >> and it will scar you for life. you can move past it, but it scars you for life. the fairfax county school system would not discuss his case but says it does have anti-bullying programs in the curriculum. the webb family tried to get video. nothing related to the family's many efforts to get help. anita. >> andrea, thank you. tonight no charges in a hit and run accident that left a man in the hospital and without his wife. you saw the story first as late breaking news with us last night at 11:00. police say 29-year-old pierre michelle hit the couple while they were crossing the road in wheaton. michelle voluntarily took a breathalyzer and was released a short time later. emergency crews took the pair to the hospital where the wife later died. that husband is listed in critical condition. pilot fatigue or brain damage from a stroke? that is what the national
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transportation safety board suggested today could have caused the plane crash in alaska that killed former senator ted stevens and four others. but despite nine months of investigating this, it's unable to rule definitively what lead terry smith to fly his plane into a mountain side in alaska. jim mooreheart is one of the four survivors. >> i'm disappointed they couldn't come with a probable cause. but the ntsb has a process. and they made every effort that i could see. >> again, terry smith, the pilot, suffered a stroke years earlier and had finally gotten his pilot's license back. the ntsb is pushing the faa to require much tougher neurological screening before recertifying stroke victims. and tonight. >> i wake myself up snoring. >> silence that racket in just minutes. >> i'll show you a new treatment
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that can bring relief and a new night's rest. a health alert. silent night. that is coming up.
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snoring and the new dangerous sleep apnea keeps thousands of people awake. in tonight's health alert, using implants to quiet the nighttime
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sound and help patients feel a lot better during the day. >> i'm just hoping that this will be it. >> reporter: he can hardly believe it, but in just ten minutes, this 38-year-old's snoring problem could be gone. >> i've been snoring for years now. >> reporter: he won't be having surgery. he doesn't have to wear an anti-snoring advice and it has nothing to do with medication. all he has to do is sit back, relax and say ah. snoring is one of most common and debilitating problems affecting up to one out of every four people at some point. >> i felt sick every day. i had a constant headache. i had no appetite. big circles under my eyes. constantly tired. >> reporter: when we sleep, the muscles in the back of the throat relax. if they relax too much, the soft tissues can block the airway causing a snoring problem. >> it was horrible. i couldn't deal with it. >> really only a few treatments that have come out to be really effective. >> reporter: one of the newest
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solutions is called the pillar procedure and it ends snoring in the right patients. >> that procedure, i think, has been done now in over 40,000 patients with a great success rate. >> reporter: doctors first inject local anesa . then using this little gun-like device, they insert three tiny woven implants into the back of the roof of the mouth. and that is it. over a few days, the implants stiffen the soft tissue in the throat and the snoring is over. >> it's like a tiny pinch. it was good. >> i'm ready to go home and sleep. >> reporter: now, you have to be the right candidate. the procedure works better on loud snorers. it may not be enough to fix severe sleep april #23450e yeah. there are doctors that use the pill -- sleep apnea. there are doctors that use the
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pill. >> the manufacturer of these things is med tron i can. you probably herd of them -- med tronnic. the company website says you're not supposed to see or feel them and they're not supposed to enter veer with swallowing or speech. every once in awhile the tip does come out and it can be replaced or taken out. >> so nothing is perfect, but it does a lot. well, we finally reunite people to the valuables. the assets are from forgotten bank accounts, maybe a safe deposit box, even a relative's estate. after a period of time, the money and items are put on unclaimed property lists and we've got the most up-to-date list of names on the rosters. we begin with those from virginia and dc. >> now, over to maryland.
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now, if you recognize any of those names, go to our web page and claim your cash headquarters. log on to look on the consumer page. that's where you'll find out how to file a claim. no other way to say it, but a devastating spring when it comes to the damage and lives lost. >> it's sad. and i tell you what, we have a link on our facebook page storm tracker. and you can see a lot of folks are posting some incredible videos and pictures from the midwest from these storms just tonight in oklahoma and also in missouri. let's start with our live doppler. and we're in pretty good shape. we have a few showers out there, but nothing heavy. most of the showers pretty much gaithersburg and leesburg south. most everything right now is on the west side of 95. although it's sinking off to the southeast. but just light rain. chantilly, fairfax. manassas. this is light green to dark
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green. nothing very heavy. i'll move the radar out just a little bit and we'll see one little isolated thunderstorm. it's going to push out to the south and east. we'll put this all into motion. everything crosses over 95 to dc five and across into southern maryland. if you're into southern maryland tomorrow morning, you might have a couple of showers leftover. if you're coming up 305 to the north. we're looking at dry morning commutes for most of us wednesday morning. a few thunderstorms wednesday afternoon. not everybody sees a thunderstorm. i wouldn't change your outdoor plans. hot on thursday. we may touch 90. thursday big storms are possible with that heat. again, not a lot. but those that do develop could be on the hefty side. here is a look at our future cast. there are the showers we talked about hanging into southern maryland. the rest of us are fine. we're coming in eastbound on
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i66. you're going to need your shades big time. taking a walk to lunch big time. tomorrow evening walking the dog no problem. most of the showers will stay in the mountains. just isolated activity over the next couple of days. and then we get into thursday morning, we could see some showers primarily north of town. but, again, this is all light green. and that is just all light activity. so overnight then, we'll keep a chance of a few showers and just an isolated thunderstorm. patchy fog. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy. warm. grab your sunglasses. southern maryland might have clouds to maybe 8:00 or 9:00. by afternoon, another worm day. partly sunny. a few showers and storms but don't give you the tee time. high temperatures around 85. all right. next seven days, showers in the forecast now for thursday and friday. but, again, scattered. hit or miss storms on saturday. booer going to be warm right -- we're going to be warm right on through the holiday weekend.
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upper 80s on sunday. probably the best chance for storms. abprobly a leftover storm on memorial day. look at this. next tuesday we are near 90 degrees again with just some isolated storms. >> good. some pools are going to be open this weekend. >> i bet so. >> thanks. the redskins quarterback has been talking a little trash about how he is the starter but talk is cheap. >> so is his arm today. i'm sorry. i just report the news. thankfully the coaches weren't there to see it, because john beck was not so good today. we'll tell you who was and what he did wrong. plus the nats build a big lead and blow it. and president bush ducking for cover. 9 sports next.
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> you know, the only problem with saying you expect to be the redskins starting quarterback this year is you've got to play like it. and while we admire john beck's making that statement last week, it appears his mouth may have written the check his arm cannot cash. this is beck today throwing a ball that, to put it bluntly,
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was two wings in a beak short of being a mallard. it was not a good day for beck. [ laughing ] >> more than 40 players convened. on the other hand, rex gross man was accurate. through a tight spiral and was clearly the more confident of the two qbs. here is their post-practice spin. >> everybody should want to start. competetive attitude in every single player here. you make it to this level, you think of yourself as a starter and i think he's doing the same thing. >> rex and i are still teammates so we're helping the team be better. >> in addition, two dozen vet randz, ten of the veterans draft picks posted today. that included first round pick the line backer out of purdue that got his play book last month and put it to good use today. all right. baseball now and as much as you may have lamented, adam laroche going on the da. michael moore has replaced
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laroche. he has homered in each one. game two in milwaukee today. corey heart homered three times against the nats last night. and how about four times in his last five at-bats. he loves the nationals. 2-0 brewers. but in the third with the bases juiced, moon shot to left. first career grand slam for the young man. makes it 5-2 nats. but in the 8th, brewers have two men on for jonathan who sprays that to right. casey scores to tie it. boggs would have been out at the plate but the catcher can't hang on to the baseball. he's safe. and that is how the nats blow a late lead and lose 7-6. speaking of adam laroche, spoke with the ailing first baseman today and after that conversation he said he would be surprised if laroche returns at all this season. he has a torn labrum in his shoulder. so do i. it hurts.
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little drama tonight. o's and royals. that will not hold it. walk off for jones as the o's beat the royals. he has never been stretched to five sets in paris. in fact, he's only ever lost one match in his life in paris but that also p almost changed today. led the five time french champion two sets to one. had the world number one on the ropes and then they bounced to win this. speaking of tennis, hats off to the uva men who made it to the ncaa finals in california today but lost the usc. it was virginia's first loss of the year. they were 34-0 prior. finally, secret service has protected every president since 1901 but they cannot protect him from a foul ball. watch him have to take evasive action as a.j.
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pierzynski nearly hits him with his glove. and that lady gave him one in the nothing in. >> we'll be right back. i'll take these. love those jeans. $175. ch-ching! excuse me?
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